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Social Media

Do you want to increase your business visibility?

Do you want to increase your sales with Social Media?

Social Media management

Until recently, most of the companies were not aware of the importance of managing the Social Media in a professional way.
However, in the last 5 years this trend has changed and now the companies have realized the importance of managing professionally the Social Media.
We get bidirectional communication with our customers.
Furthermore, Social Media have also significantly changed over time, producing more contents and increasing the users’ demands.
Being in Social Networks is no longer enough. Users increasingly demand that we provide them with greater value, more transparency and more personalized messages.

Social Media Advantages

Some of the main Social Media strategy advantages are:
  • We get bidirectional communication with our customers.
  • We obtain first-hand information.
  • We can have a better understanding of our users and the market.
  • We build bonding with our current customers.
  • We can increase our online visibility, with a well sought out strategy.
  • Social Media can give your website a major boost in traffic.
  • Social Media are not perceived as intrusive.
of internet users between 16-74 years olds are Social Media users
users prompt a response toward the brand in Social Media
million users per month in Facebook
tweets per second
Social Media platforms provide amazing opportunities to connect with the user. Social Media have become the favourite audiovisual channel for users, and even most important, it’s their favourite service channel.
It’s not only a communication channel, but also a service channel to get in touch with our potential clients.
Social Media therefore is a key and dynamic element of any successful digital marketing campaign.

Which Social Media? – Community Manager

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. are extraordinary platforms that can add great value to your business.
We should be aware that not all platforms suit all companies.
Social Media is the key piece to make people visit your website
Each platform has its own strengths and purpose, and according to our needs, we should evaluate and determine the best outlets.
We should also decide what kind of content we want to publish, the tone of the publication and how often a publication is done.
So we have to design a concrete strategy for each one.
And our Community Manager will be in charge of creating and maintaining dynamic Social Media campaigns in the appropriate platforms.

Social Media: method

As in the online marketing SEO or SEM strategy, first we need to get a thorough understanding of the business and products and the sector in which you operate. We also need to analyse the marketing plan and the actions you are taking to align your objectives and generate synergies that can increase the results.
After evaluating all the previous information we will propose the Social Media we consider more appropriate in order to boost our objectives. Thus we will design a specific plan for each platform (frequency of publications, types of contents, etc.)
Each platform has a different purpose and a way of communication, it’s therefore essential that we perform a personalized action plan for each platform.
Finally it’s vital to assess all our actions.
So we can improve and optimize the results we have obtained in each platform.
Your engagement is a key element in the Social Media strategy
All this process cannot be carried out without your strong commitment in the Social Medial strategy specially designed for you. If we want to be successful, it’s essential that you share your business insight, and product and service knowledge.

What do you want to achieve with your Social Media?

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