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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Do you want to get more visitors to your website?

Do you want them to be interested in your products or services?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will allow you to increase the traffic to your website, and get visitors interested in your products or services.

How do we approach SEO?

In addition to technical conditions, our SEO is based on two basic points: the quality content, and the inbound linking (link building). And a third point is getting more and more importance: Social Media.
Content is very important to improve your positioning

Quality content

Your content must be of high quality and targeted to your customers, based on the objectives set in your digital marketing strategy. The main objective is that this content must provide value to your customers. That means that it should be relevant to your users and not only to search engine.
We will not tire of commenting with our clients that the generation of content planned according to the objectives we pursue is essential in today's SEO.

Inbound linking

SEO must also lead you to achieve as many targeted audience as possible, with interesting and optimized content. Thus users will start to get links to your website through comments in Social Media, blogs, forums, etc.

Some SEO on-page actions to consider

Have you measured your website loading speed?
Is your file Robots.txt well formed?
Is the Sitemap.xml correct?
Does your website perform well on mobile devices?
Is your content related to your keywords?
Is there any duplicate content?
Are your images optimized?
Are your image titles optimized?
Are your ALT attributes optimized?
Do you know if any link may be affecting adversely?
Do you know how your competitors are doing?
Do you draw conclusions according to the metrics?

As an SEO agency, we make sure that everything is as it should be.

Search engine ranking: method

Our method draws on three stages in order to increase the chances of success in the search engine ranking.
First of all, it’s imperative to know your company current situation. If we don’t know where we are, it will be impossible to define your goals and trace a path in order to achieve them.
Therefore we need to know you in depth. We spend time knowing what you do and how you do it. When you have explained everything about you and the results you want to achieve, we will perform a web audit of your page.
In this SEO audit, we start with a technical analysis of your website, as well as an analysis of the main SEO variables, which includes the study of content and links. We will study the Social Networks you are using and we will see what your competition is doing.
An SEO audit is essential to get started
For us, an SEO agency cannot leave any of these details to chance.
Once we have analyzed all of the above, we carry out the first study of the most appropriate keywords to start working and we proceed to design with you the search engine positioning strategy that we are going to follow.

Main objective: to improve your site ranking

This whole process is thought to achieve your main goal, to improve your site ranking in order to enhance visibility among your target audience.
million Google queries per hour
of queries have never been searched before
of queries were made using Google
of clicks stay on the first search engine results page.

Remember SEO advantages:

Greater visibility
Users easily click on organic results
Increase of your website traffic
Your users are really interested in what you offer
Monitored investment regardless the numbers of visitors
High profitability in the medium-long term grows

Are you interested in climbing in your web positioning?

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