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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

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What SEM stands for?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is the process of promoting a business using paid advertisements (sponsored links) that appear on search engine results when a query is made.
When a search is made, our advertisement will appear if the search query matches the keywords defined in our advertising campaign.
This is one of the greatest strength of search engine marketing: we reach our customer at the right time.
SEO takes some time to start working, but it’s a fundamental part of your online marketing strategy in the medium–long term. Meanwhile we can increase the website visibility in search engine results through sponsored links.
SEM is very effective to get more conversions as well as to advertise or improve our brand image through a brand campaign. It has become one of the most important tools in promoting internet marketing.
SEM not only gets you more visitors to your site, but it also defines the quality of the visitors, and it increases the chances of achieving your goals.
Google Adwords and Bing Ads are tools used to reach our target consumer, depending on the campaign and the segmentation based on criteria we have already decided as geographical location, language, access device, etc.
million of mobile Youtube views per day  
of the marketing investment is online
million of companies are advertising in Facebook
of the searches are mobile researches

SEM approach

As with SEO strategy, first of all we consult with the client to get a thorough understanding of the business, in order to know current online strategies, current or previous off-line marketing, and finally we will set specific objectives to achieve with the campaigns.
So we can build up together a unique strategy that meet your requirements.
Once we gather all the main information, we will design the marketing campaigns, the advertisements and set up the web analytics tools, so you can keep track of all marketing campaigns.

SEM expertise

In order to perform a search engine marketing, expertise and knowledge are needed. The pricing model most often used is PPC service (pay-per-click).
Do you want to reach your potential customer immediately?
This system is really very competitive and to be successful you need to be a good specialist.
Only with a good campaign design and the correct management of all the elements available - such as A / B tests, selection of suitable key phrases, correct selection of the different types of segmentation, selection and configuration of the available channels, etc. - we can achieve the objectives set.

You decide how much to invest each month

You control your campaign

We design it and manage it for you

SEM advantages

Using SEM allows you not only to increase faster the visibility of your company, services, and products, but also to bring qualified traffic to your website.
One of the greatest advantages of SEM, however, is that online marketing can be analysed and is measurable. With tools such as Google Analytics we can monitor the campaign results, and it allows for success tracking and in-depth campaign analysis. Using this information we can draw up reports and we can continually optimise the campaigns and prioritise those with the better results.

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